Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Art Car Eddie

This guy, Eddie, owns this crazy looking art car that was often parked by our house. Sadly the car just got impounded and he’s decided to let it go so I was pretty happy I had already taken a ton of photos of it so I can show you guys the madness. When he told me he spent 10 years collecting the items on the car I had a vision of his place being on an episode on the TV show, Hoarders before art car assembly.

Eddie, Beard #46, deserves 9.25 CCs of whatever he wants for being free and for buying me a Maker’s Mark and coke. Cheers my friend.


  1. This is a favorite! Sorry his car got taken away....why??? :(

  2. His car was impounded due to a complaint from someone who lives in our neighborhood. Pretty nasty thing to do if you ask me.