Thursday, August 12, 2010

Crazy Dave

One of my favorite games in the world is Plants vs. Zombies and I was lucky enough to get invited to one of their parties. Crazy Dave is the inspiration for one of the main characters in the game. To switch it up today I conducted a little interview for you folks...

Me: did you become Crazy Dave?
Crazy Dave: I was the founder and general manager of PopCap Games San Francisco studio where the game was created.

Me: How long?
CD: From 2005-2007.

Me: Where did the pot on the head come from? Please tell me it was from a drunken moment.
CD: I’m pretty bald so I usually wear a hat outside in the summer, but the team took a few liberties ;)

Me: Do you wear a pasta strainer when it’s warmer outside so you don’t overheat.
CD: No, that would just give me a polka-dot sunburn on my scalp.

Me: Have you ever dated one of the flowers from the game?
CD: Sadly, I think they’re out of my league.

Me: Thanks Crazy Dave (Beard #40), let’s go ahead and give you and your cartoon character 8.5 CCs. It looks like I caught you after a trim but your cartoon clearly has a good thing going on.

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  1. amazing.. I was looking a picture of crazy dave for my facebook profile and I figured out that he really exist! xD

    greeting from chile!