Monday, July 5, 2010

Mrs. Bearded Beak

Say hello to my little friend...Bobbie. She flies around my house and eats my food. I would have waited a little longer to put an animal in the beard mix but today for brunch we had a soyrizo casserole dish that was very tasty and as you can see Bobbie loved it too. Cleary I she had to be today's beard. The form is quite impressive isn’t it? That would take a human at least half an hour to shape and she was able to do it in less than 2 minutes. Also note her beard matches her eyes. What a hipster.

Bobbie gets 7.5 CCs because at the end of the day she still has corn in her beard like some of the homeless guys I’ve seen roaming around the city.


  1. AnonymousJuly 05, 2010

    Hey juliann great photo of the Green Meanie. she sure got a face full of the brunch.

  2. i love it