Thursday, July 22, 2010

Reasons to Hate Haight Street

Today’s post has a dose of reality. I have no idea what this guy’s name is and he wouldn’t sign a release form but he promised not to sue me if I gave him $5. I took four photos and his expression didn’t change for any of them. Not even the slightest wrinkle shift. I’m not sure where he is in his head but I’m guessing it’s no place to visit.

Anonymous Beard #20 gets 7.0 CCs. Even though his beard that is very impressive the downer that followed taking the photo almost made me not post it but this is all about the journey.


  1. I bet he could out stare a goat...looks like "nobody's home!"

  2. His name is Todd...a local Haight Street the way Julian, great pic of Peaceful Jack a few pics back..cheers

  3. His name is Todd. He's not all the way there anymore, but he's still a great person. He's homeless because SF veteran's assistance doesn't have the funds to help everyone. How dare you take a picture of someone you don't know anything about and title it "reasons to hate." People like you are the reason people like us have no respect for humanity.